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New Billet-TEK Pontiac Valve Cover Design from Tin Indian Performance

Looks like Tin Indian Performance crew is staying busy!
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Last week Tin Indian Performance unveiled this new design for their popular Billet-TEK valve cover line on the Tin Indian Performance facebook page – Billet-TEK MAK Design Pontiac Valve Cover!  Kevin Swaney, the owner of Tin Indian Performance, stated “we have been making the original version of our Billet-TEK valve cover now for almost 10 years now, we felt it was time to change it up a little bit.”  From out perspective, these covers look absolutely AMAZING!  Kevin also stated that they will be keeping the original design of the Billet-TEK valve cover as it is VERY popular.  He stated that “this just gives the Pontiac enthusiast another option to choose from”.  Tin Indian Performance plans to have a pair of these on display for everyone to see in person at the 2016 Pontiac US Nationals.  They may even have a few pair to sell at the event as well.  We can’t wait to get a pair of these new Billet-TEK MAK design Pontiac valve covers in our hands…. we will definitely be looking for them at the 2016 Pontiac US Nationals!