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New Pontiac cylinder head by Kauffman Racing Equipment is on the way

We dropped in on the Kauffman brothers around the holidays to see what
they were working on.   Our jaws nearly hit the floor when we saw what they had going on……

KRE Super Wedge Pontiac Head 4

Kauffman Racing Equipment has  decided to come out with a new Pontiac cylinder head that they have named the “Super Wedge” .   Jeff Kauffman states “the Super Wedge is designed to pick up were the KRE High Port head leaves off”.  When at KRE’s shop, we were able to lay eyes on the patterns.   KRE decided to make these patterns in house for this project.  It is a very impressive piece for sure.

This gallery contains 6 photos.

This new HIGH PERFORMANCE Pontiac cylinder head will have a 10 degree valve inclination angle and will be able to support a 2.300 intake valve and a 1.800 exhaust valve.    The standard valve arrangement will be a 2.25 intake and a 1.750 exhaust.  With those valve sizes the Kauffman’s estimate the minimum bore size to be 4.250 for this head.  

As soon as we get more information on this product we will be sure to pass it along to you.  Can’t wait to see this head hit the market.

Stay tuned…