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Welcome to the fastest . Pontiacs . ever

Welcome to the fastest Pontiacs ever!   This is where you will find nothing but the quickest and fastest Pontiacs on the planet.  As a division of Hard Core Pontiac Promotions, LTD., we have an extreme passion for anything “traditional” Pontiac, most especially - FAST  Pontiacs and Pontiac Drag Racing.

We feel the fastest Pontiacs ever list represents the pinnacle of traditional Pontiac performance!  That being said, we intend of take “The List” to the next level while continuing to recognize the accomplishments of these dedicated Pontiac people.   For those interested in seeing the QUICKEST & FASTEST Pontiacs in the world, look no further than The Elite 10 List.    If your interested in naturally aspirated Pontiac performance, check out The TOP 10 NA list.

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Steve Dale wheels up @ Norwalk 2013