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ET Club Car Memberships

fastest . Pontiacs . ever ET Club cars ( 6 Second Club, 7 Second Club, 8 Second Club etc.) are subject to the same submission rules / requirements as Elite 10 / Top 10 NA members; however, the ET Club cars are subscription based memberships.    The membership levels and prices are listed below.

Top Fuel Level Membership

When you sign up to become an official fastest . Pontiacs . ever Top Fuel Level Member, you’ll join the fastest Pontiac racers in the world!

As an official fastest . Pontiacs . ever Top Fuel Level Member, you will receive the following:

  • A full / searchable web page write up on your car and its Pontiac powered combination (the same as Elite 10 members) This page will include all data listed on the fPe entry form along with 3 photos of your car (at least 1 engine shot) and 2 other pictures of your choice.  We will also include an image of your timeslip
  • Video submission of your fastest pass or of your choice to be included on our fPe youtube channel and on your fPe web page.

All of our Elite 10 members are provided a Top Fuel Level Membership free of charge on account of their accomplishment of getting on the Elite 10 list along with a limited edition (black) Elite 10 Member T shirt (in lieu of the ET Club Car timeslip shirt).

Download The Elite 10 information form here – pdf format

Download The Elite 10 information form here – word document format

$24.95 annual membership fee – Become a Top Fuel  Level Member Now

Required information for membership

Please include the following required information with the time slip:

  • Driver name *
  • Time slip of the run with car # on slip (car # must match pictured    car’s car #) *
  • Picture of car with the car # clearly displayed (car # must match car #    on time slip) *
  • Type of Car – ie. Dragster, Funny Car, Pro Mod, Tube Chassis Firebird    etc *
  • Car with a body are required to be Pontiac body *
  • CID of engine *
  • Block used – only blocks with 4.620 bore spacing can be used –    traditional Pontiac blocks *
  • Naturally Aspirated or Power Adders Used *
  • Number of carbs / induction – ie. fuel injection, single 4, dual 4,    etc.
  • Date of run – normally on time slip *
  • Location of run – normally on time slip *
  • Cylinder Heads used
  • Videos welcome and highly encouraged – not required

* – required information

Any or all of this information can be mailed in or provided digitally.  This information is the minimum we would like to have for any new entry to the fastest Pontiacs ever ET Club Car listing.   If you are interested in being a Top Fuel Level Member, please fill out the following ET Club Car information form and return it to us.