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How do I get added to the fastest Pontiacs ever list?

The Elite 10 or Top 10 NA?

For clarification, The Elite 10 list and the Top 10 NA list members are provided a complementary Top Fuel Level Membership on account of their impressive accomplishment of getting a spot on one of those two lists.  ET Club cars ( 6 Second Club, 7 Second Club, 8 Second Club etc.) are subject to the same submission rules / requirements as Elite 10 / Top 10 NA members; however, those clubs / lists are subscription based memberships.  For more information on how to become an ET Club Car Member, read more here.

If you feel you have a submission suitable for entry to the ELITE 10 or TOP 10 NA  list please feel free to shoot us an email at with your information.  If you are wanting to submit an entry to an ET Club please go to the ET Club car submission page.  You can also send your info via US mail to the p.o. box at the bottom of the page.

Please include the following required information with the time slip:

  • Driver name *
  • Time slip of the run with car # on slip (car # must match pictured    car’s car #) *
  • Picture of car with the car # clearly displayed (car # must match car #    on time slip) *
  • Type of Car – ie. Dragster, Funny Car, Pro Mod, Tube Chassis Firebird    etc *
  • Car with a body are required to be Pontiac body *
  • CID of engine *
  • Block used – only blocks with 4.620 bore spacing can be used –    traditional Pontiac blocks *
  • Naturally Aspirated or Power Adders Used *
  • Number of carbs / induction – ie. fuel injection, single 4, dual 4,    etc.
  • Date of run – normally on time slip *
  • Location of run – normally on time slip *
  • Cylinder Heads used
  • Videos welcome and highly encouraged – not required

* – required information Any or all of this information can be mailed in or provided digitally.  This information is the minimum we would like to have for a new entry to the fastest Pontiacs ever listing.  Making The Elite 10 is quite an accomplishment and we would like you to fill out our fastest Pontiacs ever Elite 10 information sheet so that we can better describe you and your car on this site.


Download        The Elite 10 information form here – pdf format
Download        The Elite 10 information form here – word document format

Why do we have rules / requirements?

The reason why we have the time slip / picture rules is pretty simple.  We want to have proof that the record was set and provide the information in an unbiased centralized forum.  Peoples memories fade over time and the recollection of details tends to change/ fade as well.  Having copies of timeslips on line with a picture of the car with car # on it…….. those facts are hard to dispute.  Having video of the record setting run is even better.  Just more confirmation of the accomplishment.

We want this information on the site for any and all to look at as it makes it easy for a person looking at the list to view and confirm the record.  With the advent of the current cell phone technology (cell phone cameras, texting, and emailing) getting fPe your information is an incredibly easy task these days.

So even if your run was made in front of 5 or 50,000 people – yes, we still want a copy of the timeslip and pic of your car.  Or if your run is listed in a popular magazine – yes, we still want your timeslip and picture.  Again, pretty easy stuff to do these days and it removes any doubt from anyone reading the list as to what has been accomplished, who did it and when it was done.    You know that over 10,000 people see UFOs every year,  thousands see Big Foot too – yet we still don’t have any documented proof of either!  The timeslip of your “best run ever” and picture of your car should be very easy to produce.

If for some reason you are having a hard time getting your information to us, please drop us an email at or send us a note via regular mail.  Information to do so is on our Contact page.

fPe list updates, T-shirt and calendar production

The cutoff for list updates are the 15th of each month so that the list can be updated and posted on line no later than the first of the following month.  We will make every effort to get the list updated as quickly as possible. Each year the list will be “frozen” / locked on 9/30 of each year.  The list as it is presented on 9/30 of that year will be used in the production of the annual Elite 10 T shirt and the Elite 10 calendar.   All information regarding updated records must be obtained by Hard Core Pontiac Promotions before 9/30 of the corresponding year to be considered for inclusion in annual shirt production.  Photos and information to be used in the annual calendar must be obtained by Hard Core Pontiac Promotions no later than 10/15 of the corresponding year to be considered for use in the annual calendar production.  Holding a top 10 position on The Elite 10 list does not guarantee inclusion in the annual Elite 10 T-shirt or the annual Elite 10 calendar production.  Hard Core Pontiac Productions reserves the right to design both the annual Elite 10 T-shirt and Elite 10 calendars as we see fit.