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Archived fastest . Pontiacs . ever lists

Each year we will “FREEZE” / “LOCK” all of our lists on September 30th.    The list as it is presented on 9/30 of that YEAR will be used in the production of the annual Elite 10 T shirt and the Elite 10 calendar.   The same will hold true with anything we produce for either the Elite 10 or the TOP 10 NA.   At that time (9/30), the list will be transferred to the archived lists page so that anyone can view who held what position at the end of the year.

The fastest . Pontiacs . ever list was acquired in August 2013.  This original list is displayed for historical purposes below.

Elite 10 Archived lists

2013 Elite 10 List Freeze

2014 Elite 10 List Freeze

2015 Elite 10 List Freeze

2016 Elite 10 List Freeze

Top 10 NA Archived lists

 2013 TOP 10 NA List Freeze

2014 TOP 10 NA List Freeze

2015 TOP 10 NA List Freeze

2016 TOP 10 NA List Freeze

Original fastest . Pontiacs. ever listing

Original Listing @ acquisition August 2013