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Archived fastest Pontiacs ever List Freeze at 09302015

Each year the Elite 10 List is “FROZEN” / “LOCKED” on September 30th. The list as it is presented on 9/30 of that YEAR is used in the production of the annual Elite 10 T shirt. This listing reflects the end of the 2015 racing season. Below is a short recap of moves on the list during the year.
  1. Jeff Kauffman – 5.966 @ 239.41 mph view time slip
  2. Steve Dale – 6.118 @ 228.89 mph view time slip
  3. Rodney Butler – 6.278 @ 228.11 mph view time slip
  4. Vincent Mayeda – 6.357 @ 213.33 mph view time slip
  5. Eric Larson – 6.394 @ 222.58 mph view time slip
  6. John Welter – 6.408 @ 206.64 mph view time slip
  7. Dave Wilcox – 6.497 @ 200.08 mph view time slip
  8. Bill Mellott – 6.667 @ 183.99 mphview time slip
  9. Kevin Swaney – 6.818 @ 192.28 mph view time slip
  10. Mark Kauffman – 6.840 @ 204.57 mph view time slip


2015 Season Highlights

  • Jeff Kauffman reset his record twice in 2015 and ended up in the top spot again with a 5.966 ET at 239.40
  • Jeff Kauffman wins the 2015 fastest . Pontiacs . ever Elite 10 Shootout at the 2015 Pontiac US Nationals
  • John Welter made a big move up from #9 to #6 on the list.  John did this in October 2014 and it was reflected in the current listing; however, not reflected in the 2015 list freeze and not in the 2015 shirt.  John’s movement will show in the 2016 shirt
  • Dave Wilcox dropped from #6 to #7 on Welter’s performance improvement
  • Kevin Swaney dropped from #8 to #9 on Welter’s performance
  • Kevin Swaney was the runner up at  the 2015 fastest . Pontiacs . ever Elite 10 Shootout at the 2015 Pontiac US Nationals
  • Joe Perkins jumped to #3 on the TOP 10 NA listing with his ’07 GTO  and won the Butler Performance Frantic 4 @ Norwalk 2015
  • Bill Mellott spent most of last year getting his car back together.  Rumor has it, he should  be ready in 2016 to get his Pro Mod 65 GTO back out.

2015 also gave us quite a bit of carnage on some of the heavy hitters in 2015.

This gallery contains 3 photos.

John Welter’s  Firebird  was only a  year old and sporting a new Yellow paint job this year; however, he put it into the wall after the cockpit filled with smoke from a blown transmission line at Norwalk.


Mike Cooper Pro Mod Firebird 2015

Mike Cooper debuted his Jerry Bickel Firebird in late 2015.  He unfortunately put his car into the wall as well and it will need repairs before making it back to the track in 2016.

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Steve Dale went to Maryland International Raceway to do some testing late in the year.  On their third partial pass they had an engine failure, the blower backfired and blew the body skyward off the car just past the 1/8th mile mark. Steve states “The body is pretty torn up but no one got hurt”.  We hope to see them back out with the car very soon.

Here is a link to a better quality video for you to view:  Steve Dale’s GTO Blower Explosion September 2015
This gallery contains 3 photos.