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Kauffman Racing Equipment

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KRE is your one and only one-stop Pontiac shop!

When is comes to traditional Pontiac V8 engines, KRE manufactures the most Pontiac performance parts around. They specialize in making and putting together engine combos and engine parts that get the most power for every dollar spent. If that’s a heads up race engine or your standard street rebuild, they take it to the max. They have invested thousands of dollars into our their business to build what is needed in the market place. Their commitment is second to none when it comes to the Pontiac V8 engine.

KRE’s commitment to their products is just as important to them as the customers using them. They strive for complete customer satisfaction. They are in the business to deliver parts that win trophies, races and the hearts of true Pontiac hobbiest.

They can be reached at 740-599-5000 or by email at or check them out on the web at: