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Wally Becker’s 1970 GTO Judge

Wally Beckers 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge launching at Norwalk 2013 fpe


Driver Info:
Name:  Wally Becker/Allen Becker
Age: 47/23
Residence:  Summerfield,NC
Engine Info:
Engine Builder: Tin Indian Performance
CID:  511
Bottom End:
Block: MR-1A
Production yr.:  2008
Bore: 4.250
Stroke:  4.50
Crankshaft: Scat
Bearings: Federal Mogul
Pistons: Ross
Rings:  Total Seal
Compression Ratio:  10.7 to 1
Cylinder Heads:
Manufacturer: Kauffman Racing Equipment
Type:  D Port
Chamber size:  85 cc
Flow #:
Intake flow #:  340 cfm
Exhaust flow #:  261 cfm
Intake Valve Size:  2.19
Exhaust Valve Size:  1.66
Valvetrain / Cam:
Cam Type:  Hyd Roller
Brand: Tin Indian Performance custom ground by Comp  Cams
Lift:  .562/.571
Duration .050
Advertised Duration:  299/313
Lobe Seperation:  111 LSA
Firing Order:  standard Pontiac
Cam Size:  standard Pontiac
Rocker Arm:
Ratio:  1.60
Manufacturer:  Scorpion
Manufacturer:  Comp Cams
Length: 9.250
Wall Thickness:  .080
Manufacturer:  Comp Cams
Type:  Hyd Roller
Size:  .842
Power Adder:
Description:  NONE
Boost Reached:
NO2 Shot size/ # stages:
Fogger or Plate:
Manufacturer of system:
Fuel System:
Fuel type: Pump   Gas
Fuel Pump: Electric Holley Black
Induction System:
Intake Manifold: Edelbrock Victor 2957
Type:  4150
Size:  1000 cfm
Manufacturer:  Pro Systems
Distributor:  MSD
Wires:  Taylor
Coil:  MSD
Plugs:  NGK
Timing:  32

Ignition Box / Amplifier:

Manufacturer:  Kooks
Primary Tube:  2″
Collector:  3.5″
Exhaust pipes:  3″ out back and over axle
Mufflers:  Magnaflow SSL
Crossover:  X Pipe
Transmission:  4 speed OD (5TH) .7
Built by:  Richmond


Manufacturer:  N/A
Manufacturer:  Boninfante 10.5 single disk
Size:  10.5″
Rear gear:  3.70 Currie 9+ fab
Spool / locker / Posi:  Tru Trak
Manufacturer:  Currie
Spline count:  35 spline
Chasis & Suspension:

Year built:


Race wt with driver:

 3800 lbs

Built by:




Body work & Paint:

 Robert Becker




 29×10.5 MT street radial


 Keystone Klassic


Keystone Klassic

Chassis Mods:

none, poly bushings, adjustable upper rear trailing arms
Driver Bio: The chance to own a GTO through high school, this is my first car, I was able to hang onto it while growing up, having kids and now grand kids. My intention was to have a strong street car, respectable timeslips, street drive it and attend local cruise ins and find good places to eat.I enjoy people seeing the car in all metal, All motor, old school.The cars original cost to me in 1980 was $800
Car Owner Bio:
Time Slip:  11.834 @ 122.16 mph
Dyno #s:  637 HP @ 5700 rpm / 685 ft lbs of torque @ 4400 rpm
Wally’s car was featured in the August 2009 issue of Pontiac Enthusiast.

Pontiac Enthusiast Cover August 2009 Wally Becker article

The Power of Inspiration – Tin Indian Performance puts together the ultimate Pontiac street engine … without a single stock Pontiac part!

Story by Jason Scott | Photography by Delbert Rogers

Wally Beckers 511 cid Pontiac engine fpe
Wally’s 511 cid ALL Aluminum MR-1A KRE D port headed engine on its way into service

Wally Beckers 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge 2014 Norwalk